Julie Rosing

Originally from Cincinnati, OH, I'm currently based in New York City where I write and produce content for Lady Parts Justice, a non-profit that uses comedy to break abortion stigma and fight for reproductive rights. I also produce and host our weekly podcast ReproMadness with, LPJ founder and all round badass, Lizz Winstead (co-creator of The Daily Show). 

I do a bunch of things... Stay busy... Wear a lot of hats if you catch my drift. 

Outside of trying to topple the patriarchy like a giant Jenga set, I perform sketch comedy with Buzz Off, Lucille (Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre) and improv comedy with WRECKED (The People's Improv Theatre). 

I also write, produce and edit short films.

Here is my performer resume


On a cereal note, I have 10 years of Online Marketing experience and I'm available for freelance work. 

Check out my portfolio and business resume.


Contact me:  julie.rosing@gmail.com