folica.jpg was (has since sold to another company) an eCommerce site with 5,000+ products from over 250 brands.

As the Marketing Manager, I oversaw the email channel, additions to the site (microsites, cart functionality) and the video program.  

Launched: Video Program (10+ million views), Point-based Loyalty Program, Email Re-engagement Program, Email On-boarding Program and Inline Cart Functionality


The email channel accounted for 12% of Total Site Revenue. 

YOY 2013-14 the email channel saw 23.1% revenue growth and 16% growth in engagement.

I was responsible for strategy, copywriting, project management, HTML execution and reporting.

Nail Microsite.jpg

Microsites would be created to merchandise products together under certain themes.

These sites were also used to drive SEM.

Our video program began with outsourced content from 200+ beauty bloggers and vloggers. I then began operating an in-house video program, handling all steps of vendor sponsored video production.  These in-house videos drove significant traffic to products and increased email engagement.