SAG(e) - Hair: Red - Height: 5’11” - Eyes: Hazel - Weight: 160


Buzz Off, Lucille - Writer/Actor - Content has been featured on Huffington Post, VH1, College Humor and Funny or Die. Live shows “Balls Deep” and "Fuck Judy Towers" ran at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre NY. 



Netflix - The Characters; Henry Zebrowski    /      Co-Star

ScaryMommy - Care.com  /  Principal

Guardian Angels - The Trial of the Century    /     Co-Star

Alex & Jane - Improvised Web Series/      Principal

Pre-Kiss Conversations - Episode 8   /   Principal               


Charleston Comedy Festival,  Women in Comedy Festival,  Boston Comedy Arts Festival,  New York City Sketch Festival 2013-15,  QueerCom 2015,  SoloCom 2014 & 15, Lady Parts Justice "V to Shining V" 2015 NYC hosts


Stella Adler Studio - Approaching the Role 2017

Character Development - Jodi Lennon (Upright Citizens Brigade)

Atlantic Acting School - Foundation LVL 1

New York Film Academy - Acting


Upright Citizen Brigade  - Completed advanced studies full curriculum.

The Peoples Improv Theater - Improv Level 2

The Magnet Theater - Dynamic Duos – Armando Diaz

Becky Drysdale - Scenework LVL 1, 2, Advanced Class


SKILLS:  German, Basketball, Snowboarding/skiing, Mime, Ohio Driver’s License, Cycling, British Accent, Reaching tall things