Lady Parts Justice and it's sister org Lady Parts Justice League are two non-profits that use humor to combat abortion stigma and bring awareness to the fight for reproductive rights. As a part of the creative team I work on blog posts, comedic education videos, social graphics (memes & gifs), event posters, t-shirt designs and I've even created some pretty rad "A Woman's Place is in Your Face" sunglasses.

The main focus of the creative team at LPJ/L is to write and produce comedic videos that bring awareness to laws or fight the stigma around abortion. As a part of that team here are some of the videos that we have created from writing to production. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 8.29.29 AM.png

My main jam in graphics has been making gifs.

Of which, some have done pretty well.


I have also been known to meme some memes.


There are a ton of misconceptions about abortion and the people that seek access. I took some of the statistics that stood out and made infographics to be distributed across social channels.


Probably the most fun I have is designing random merch:  t-shirts, stickers, banners, patches, AND badass feminist shades!

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The Daily Takedown are funny posts that seek to put a current news piece under the microscope so people can better understand it's ridiculousness.

>>Read one

>>Read another

And, as mentioned event posters.